Welcome to the Personal Projects Manager!

Welcome to the Personal Projects Manager, an online goals, projects, and time management system. It is designed to help you improve your ability to achieve your goals.

How does it work?

Our application allows you to keep track of your daily tasks, appointments, plans, even time and money spent on certain activities - and align all of them with your short-term and long-term goals.

Can I access information about my projects from my [the name of your mobile device]?

Personal Projects Manager is a Web site which works best when accessed from Internet browser running on your desktop or laptop. We have also developed applications for Android and Blackberry mobile devices which provide a subset of features available from our main application, such as creating new accounts, adding and updating projects, tasks, and events, and some others. You can also login to a mobile version of our Web site, optimized to work on mobile devices, which provides similar subset of features.

How do I start?

You can sign up for your free account here and start exploring the features and capabiilities of our system right away. If you just want a "test drive", you can login into the application here using the demo user account (demo/password). Demo account allows you to use all the features provided by the system, but everything you entered will be eventually wiped out.

Features Overview

Here's a brief overview of functonality available in our Personal Projects Manager:

Teams and Reports
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All entities in the the application,such as project plans, notes, expence records,files etc.are tied to a hierarchy of projects.
Users can keep track of project notes. Two types of project notes exist, project notes and project reviews.
Users can also enter and keep track of time spent working on activities and project-related revenue and expenses.
Users can also enter and keep track of activities and tasks. Activities and tasks are also tied to projects and can be viewed by project and by date.
Communication tools allow users to share information about the projects, while wide range of reports allow users to analyse their past performance.
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